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The Gut and Brain Connection Mission


My name is Elizabeth Breuder, and I am the founder and creator of Gut and Brain Connection. Gut and Brain Connection is a national directory website dedicated to providing comprehensive profiles for all holistic health professionals and resources within the alternative medical community, as well as listings for the organic food, beauty, and wellness industries.

I developed Gut and Brain Connection out of a desire to point people who may be struggling with various health conditions in an alternative direction to mainstream medicine, as well as assist those who are simply seeking to live a healthier and more fulfilling life. When making the transition to holistic practices, it can be difficult knowing where to look for resources. From choosing a holistic doctor or specialist, to finding local, organic, and all natural foods, to even switching to products free of toxic chemicals and contaminants, it takes a lot of effort to transition to new ways of thinking and modifying lifestyle habits. Furthermore, it takes time to sift through information and find the proper resources scattered throughout our toxic modern world. The purpose of Gut and Brain Connection is to minimize time wasted randomly scouring the internet by instead providing them all in one place, so that you can spend more time employing the practices of holistic health and start reaping its benefits.

My own personal health conditions have inspired me to reach out to others who may be experiencing similar struggles and are feeling helpless and don’t know where to turn. The mission of Gut and Brain Connection is to provide information on various health conditions relevant to nutrition and lifestyle, and by showcasing directory listings of professionals within the holistic health industry who can offer support and guidance on your healing journey. Being truly healthy is more than just food and nutrition; it is a way of life. Gut and Brain Connection’s mission is to promote healthy living by recognizing human beings are a whole entity requiring nourishment for both our minds and our bodies; from food, to healthcare, to beauty routines, to social interactions, and to managing every day stress. Gut and Brain Connection is about connecting real people to real resources that will help enrich and nurture all aspects of life.

For more information on my personal story, and why I developed Gut and Brain Connection, please visit the section entitled ‘My Story.’

Providing you with all your holistic health needs and organic resources in one place.
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