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Gain Exposure

Gut and Brain Connection is the best way to gain online exposure. We are experts at optimizing search engines meaning that everyday searches for "acupuncturists in Florida" or "reiki practitioners in California" turn into effective leads straight to your business. With thousands of visitors to our site daily we are guaranteed to help you find leads all over the country. Each profile is designed so that your users can contact you directly so you will be able to start getting leads as soon as you sing up and are put on our website.

Look Good

Our website structure and design was constructed with the user in mind to make their experience as easy as possible. In just two clicks a user could be able to find your company from the home page as well as get lots of information about you and what your business is about. Each profile is designed in a way that is most likely to have the user contact your business. All you have to do is sign up, sit back, and wait for the phone to start ringing. In addition, when you sign up you get a fully customizable profile that makes it so you can change any aspect of your business profile in a matter of seconds.

Save Money

We only charge $75.00 for an entire years worth of being listed. That means you get more than your money back from a single lead generated from our website. From there it is all profit for the whole year. With our incredibly big user base you are guaranteed to make the money you spend on an advertisement back within a month.

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